Copperchase Expands Activities in Iraq

January 2018

Further expansion of our activities in Iraq has seen the formation of a new Iraqi registered company, PAN MESOPOTAMIA LTD. Pan Mesopotamia brings together under one trading umbrella, House2Home, Taxi-Chase, and all other new activities in Iraq.

In addition to our Operating Base within the Najaf Airport secure zone, we have purchased a 36,500m2 parcel of land in the Najaf Industrial Area, adjacent to the 4th Dimension company’s Pre-Cast Factory. The land is currently being secured with a perimeter fence and surveillance systems. A storage warehouse for House2Home will be the first building on the land. The warehouse will accommodate a Steel fabrication workshop, joinery workshop, offices, all with full service and accommodation facilities. A schematic drawing is attached.

Pan Mesopotamia and the newly acquired land will give Copperchase Iraq more independence to be able to manage the rapid growth of business in Iraq.

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