ATIS Installation at New Ulaanbaatar International Airport in Mongolia

November 2017

The New Ulaanbaatar International Airport (NUBIA) is a new construction 52km south of Ulaanbaatar in Sergelen Sum, Töv Province, Mongolia.

Copperchase were commissioned to install an Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS), 4 AFTN Terminals and to train the local engineers and air traffic controllers.

The ATIS system interfaces with a Vaisala AWOS system and an Indra Voice Communications Control System.

On site installation, interfacing and training took two weeks and was completed in August 2016.

  • Students in the new tower (Andy in the high-vis)
  • A view from the new tower
  • The new tower during fit-out
  • The new tower
  • The ATIS equipment rack

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