Will our logo soon be seen on the shirts of a Premier League Side?

27 November 2015

We have received the email below from Mr Hussein Al-Ali, Manager of the Brunel Eagles

Dear all,

I am sending you this email on behalf of my team, Brunel Eagles, thanking you for your contribution that helped us to thrive and continue to organise matches, host events and provide prizes for winners.

The team began as a collection of students and staff from Brunel University who played football on a weekly basis. However, since assuming management of it, I have expanded it to form a league with up to 40 players from all over Uxbridge town taking part and competing for prizes. Most of our income comes from the players, and despite making a regular profit, we still fell short a little towards the end of last season as it was our first experience and few errors were made in the process. It was thanks to Copperchase for supporting us at that crucial period that we are now able to continue and improve independently. Since the start of the new season, we have obtained free football tops from a donor and, to show our appreciation, we decided to have your company’s logo imprinted on our tops so that it is displayed every time and everywhere we play. This includes internal as well as external events such as a charity cup competition that we have signed up for, where we will be wearing the team’s kit.

Your efforts in supporting participation in a local team such as ours, despite how little known we are, has made a big difference for each one of the players involved and is even drawing more people from all over the borough to join our league. And for that reason we would like to say a big thank you for everything you’ve helped us with so far.

Please find attached some of the photos that we took yesterday, feel free to use anywhere you like.

Kindest regards,
On behalf of Brunel Eagles

For further information, please contact the Copperchase Sales Team:
Telephone: +44 (0)1202 774 500
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