Copperchase Delivers the ATC Data System for Thales at St Helena in the South Atlantic

9 September 2015

Copperchase has successfully completed the installation of the ATC Messaging, MET, Voice Recorder, Crash alarm and GPS Clock systems at St Helena airport in time for the flight trials in September 2015. Copperchase supplied the system to Thales UK which is responsible for the delivery of the Air Traffic Management system. The airport will be operational in 2016 with the first scheduled flight from Johannesburg arriving in February 2016.

The Copperchase system provides the ATC Messaging (AFTN) communications links with ATNS in Johannesburg and from there to the rest of the worldwide network of airports. The automated Meteorological System provides real time meteorological information such as Wind Speed and direction, temperature, humidity, pressure and cloud height on Copperchase propriety ATC MET displays. The information on these displays is presented to ATC Controllers and assists observers in producing reports on St Helena’s variable weather conditions.

The installation and training of the airport engineers was successfully completed in August. Copperchase provided onsite training and will continue to support the system once operational through the Copperchase high security remote access system.

The airport will provide a valuable link for the Islanders with South Africa (and the rest of the world) reducing the crossing time from six days to five hours.

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