Another AMHS Success for Copperchase Ltd delivered to Northrup Grumman ES

10 January 2014

Copperchase is pleased to announce the delivery of 2 production Air Traffic Services Message Switch’s (AFTN and AMHS 48 IP Channels, 16 Serial) for 2 sites in Algeria and a further 2 Air Traffic Services Message Switches (AFTN and AMHS 8 IP Channels, 8 Serial) for a Training facility and a Test Lab facility in the USA for the Northrup Grumman ES.

The operational system supplied comprises of two sub-systems, one acting as primary and the other as secondary with the allocation of Primary or Secondary status being manually accomplished by the selection of either sub-system as primary and the other sub-system automatically becoming the secondary. The loss of the secondary sub-system will not impair the operation of the primary sub-system which also allows for the upgrade of a single sub-system to be performed while the other sub-system continues to process traffic in the normal manner.

System control and management is achieved from the engineering workstation provided with the system. Each channel or circuit can be monitored and controlled from this same workstation. Station queues are monitored using the queue monitor (QMON) application. This application can also be used to place stations on hold and divert one station to another. It also provides audible and visual alarms for message queue size. The alarm threshold is a configuration item.

The AMHS Connector is an ICAO SARPs compliant piece of software that performs the conversion of AFTN messages to AMHS and vice versa. The AMHS Connector is written in Java and can both run co-located with the AMHS Switch or it can run remotely on a Client-End-System. The AMHS Connector behaves like a X.400 client application, that is, it not seen as a peer X.400 MTA, but as an X.400 client that sends and receives messages on behalf of one or a small number of X.400 users. The details of those users (including addresses, authentication details and other connection information) are decided by the administrator of the AMHS Server, and configured by the administrator of the AMHS Connector.

Both X.400 P3 and X.400 are valid protocol options according to the SARPS, and both are supported by the AMHS Connector. However, X.400 P3 is the most likely choice for applications that generate a large number of messages and have their own database of messages.

The project has successfully completed Factory Acceptance testing and Site Acceptance testing.

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